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The Power of Meeting New People

- September 15, 2018

Why did I pick up this book? I did not realise that my skills at meeting new people were severely compromised as I always walk away with a ton of business cards and meaningful connections from all the start-up/venture capital networking events. That mirage was shattered about 3 weeks back when I found myself at

6 Books I’d Recommend to Every Entrepreneur

- January 30, 2018

An entrepreneur’s primary role is to sell. At any given point the entrepreneur is selling whether it is Selling himself on why he is pursuing this idea. Selling his employees on why they should join or stay at this venture Selling his friends and family on supporting him in his new (and often crazy) endeavour

The Wild Diet

- January 29, 2018

Do you know that in the 26-year period between 1988 and 2014, the weight of an average American male increased by 15 pounds, while his average height remained the same? Did you know that India’s consumption of sugar increased from 5% to 13% of all the sugar produced in the world? – much faster than

Kranti Nation: India and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

- January 11, 2018

While attending the Web Summit in Lisbon I met Pranjal Sharma, the author of Kranti Nation: India and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, for breakfast. As passionate students of economics, innovation & start-ups we immediately got engaged in deep conversation about Indian consumer’s behavioural shift and how that was significantly changing the start-up ecosystem in India.

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I’m the guy who will tell you like it is… no sugar coating, no filter and no care for hierarchy. So through my blog I point fingers at everyone including the man in my mirror without a care for the retributions… its my voice and I will say what I want to.