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Utilizing this digital window to share my understanding of the funder and founder relationships and….
several other things that intrigue me!

When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity”

–       Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

1.    What Inspired This Idea
I had just landed in Goa for a friend’s wedding and was welcomed with the news that I had been mistakenly assumed to be on an earlier flight. In the melee of boarding over 40+ people that had arrived on the flight (that I was noted to be on) and instead of calling me to check whether I had missed my flight or whether I would be boarding another flight, the “cool” wedding planner decided to assume that I was not attending (only if he knew that my friend would cause some serious body harm if I had infact done that).
So with the wedding venue almost 90 minutes away and the closest car atleast 60 minutes out, it gave me time to research whether someone had thought of something better than the manual process of making excel lists and ticking off who had or had not arrived for a wedding or a meeting even after RSVPing (yes, those that show up unannounced deserve to be waiting at the airport!). There were a few blogs from Bizzaboo and Plannerwire and the only thing that came closest to helping with event management was Eventbrite, but it didn’t cover all the aspects I mention below.
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