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“Such a prima facie view is being taken in view of the fact that the assignment of the huge debt by Congress party to YI was for a paltry sum of 50 lacs. This is certainly questionable and justifiably attracts the allegations of cheating, misappropriation, criminal breach of trust, etc.”

These were the observations made by the Honourable High Court in Delhi, while dismissing the stay order filed by Rahul & Sonia Gandhi along with 4 other Congress leaders. The High Court believes that their conduct is suspicious and possibly criminal and they will have to defend themselves in the trial court.
Guess which entity stands to lose the most amount of money in this case?  No it is not the Indian government. shockingly it is the Congress Party itself!
Basically the mother & son duo was advised or came upon a brilliant idea to invest 50 lakhs ($90,000) and walk away with over 2,000 crores ($300 million) while leaving the Congress party with an 89.50 crore ($13 million) bad-debt write off to deal with.
To say that these moves are motivated by the BJP shows quite clearly that the Congress leadership is completely drunk on the Gandhi Kool-Aid, so much so that they don’t realize that they are defending those that have plundered their own coffers!
The elected officials denouncing the verdict of the court, should be aware that such allegations only muddy the waters for the Congress itself. In fact the High Court mentioned that “the probity of the legendary national political party” was “at stake” in the case“.
The MPs of the grand old party have shown with their classless actions of the past few days that they will sell not only their integrity at the doors of an autocratic, corrupt and out of sync leadership but they are willing to sell the entire nation for protecting one family. The Congress party workers should ask themselves whether the Gandhis are above the law of the land? When a court summons anyone in the country to appear in front of it, does it only apply to Indians other than the Gandhis?
Using tactics to stall any functioning of the legislature for the past FOUR days shows that the Congress’ strategy is to stall the country’s growth using any means possible.
Last week, Congress MPs used a comment from their Rajya Sabha MP Kumari Selja to disrupt proceedings and adjourn the business of the Rajya Sabha… What was the issue?
She was asked her caste upon entering a temple, (PLEASE MARK THAT she was NOT stopped from entering) and in fact wrote “complimentary words” in the visitor book of the temple. Despite which the country burnt Rs. 29,000 a minute to first have a debate on a non-issue and then have the house adjourned! For what? Nothing happened!
If she felt so strongly about her discrimination why was she waiting until now to rake up the issue? Why is a tweet, blog post or some other form of expression missing after the purported offending or was she waiting for an opportune time to use her story?
Now this week there is a new story to disrupt the progress of the country, first the verdict of an Indian High Court is supposed to be under the influence of the ruling party, which (if it were true) taints the UPA & Congress for starting this tradition as the HC didn’t just suddenly decide to give up its independence.
In fact this should be the lowest that Congress has had to stoop to ensure its relevance. The party is a national joke the equivalent of a Rakhi Sawant today. Its tactics only fool those that believe that the public does not understand what is happening.
They can use the Parliament to avoid facing the people, that being said, it serves the same effect as an ostrich burying its head in the sand so that it cannot see the upcoming danger. The truth will come (and should be) brought out by trying the Royal Gandhi family in court.
What we see today in the remnants of a once great party and the pillar of Indian independence struggle is now a bunch of useless, disgraceful, disrespectful and classless MPs wasting away the time of the Parliament at the expense of the exchequer.
They speak of intolerance and their own methods, messages and actions reek of a lack of tolerance. In the last 4 years of the UPA there was hardly any movement due to the various scams of the government with a mute, dumb and deaf PM leading the country and now that such leadership has been thrown out of power the Congress is punishing the nation by using the lowest of low tactics available to it.
Congress party and its representatives really need to introspect and identify what role they want to play in the country’s development and prosperity.
My eyes well up when I think about when I see that the country’s elected officials are cowing away from their responsibility and are in fact putting on sale the democratic fabric of our country. The Indian constitution is being torn, burnt, raped and murdered to further the interests of a few in fact just one family.
If us Indians let this continue we will have to hang our heads in shame when our children asked us, why we didn’t fight to keep or freedom from the tyranny of the Congress.
We shame ourselves, each second we let ignore the damage done by the charade. .

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