How Long Does It Take To Exit From An Angel Investment

  • Author: Anirudh Damani
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  • Posted: September 14, 2016

Many angel investors have asked me, how long does it take after an investment to exit from it? While there are some very inaccurate theories floating around on the range being from 6 months to 3 years to 10 years, let’s look at the data that we have been collecting in the last few months for our upcoming foray into the venture capital fund space.

Usually, an angel investor would invest in the early stages of the company, the angel / seed round and typical exit scenario for an angel investor is in the Series B or C round. Looking at the data that has been collected by us from Tracxn it is pretty clear that while a company takes about 11 months to raise a Seed round, they take close to about 5 years to raise their Series C round on an average.

As a safe bet I would say that Series C is around the timeline of the company where the investor can get maximum value for his investment.

This is because typically at Series A the valuation multiple is quite low, in the range of 4x to 5x of the angel round. While at Series B you’re sitting at something like about 20 – 25x, which can be good, but if the company has a strong venture capitalist like a Sequoia capital or Lightspeed or Axiom, the kind of  investors who would continue to invest large sum in the Series C Series D kind of rounds, it makes sense to continue to hold on to that investment through Series B until a Series C or Series D.


In conclusion you can take a look at this chart (Fig. 1.1) which shows that the timeline for a company to raise a Series C round from inception has come down dramatically and continues to probably fall.

Even though, there is somewhat of a glut right now in Series A scenario, there will be eventually an uptick and the timeline of around 60 to 72 months is what I would say is a safe bet for an angel investor to expect a return on his investment that will be commensurate with the risk that he has taken  by investing in  startups.

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