Who let the Philosopher out?

Yesterday I finally denied investment into a company that my heart was set on but my mind wasn’t as it went against our investment philosophy.
Artha’s investment philosophy has evolved over the years but at times like this I have found that the simple philosophy has guided us away from disaster and into exciting investments.

We invest time & effort into focussing the founding team that creates a business

The business provides a service/product that creates value for a customer

The customer pays a price that creates profit for the company

The profit creates value for shareholders

Now to follow the advice written by my co-investor backing my decision to pass on the deal

“Let’s start working on the next deal :)”

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  1. […] The book resonates with a lot of what I have spoken and written on i.e. involve customers in product development, Jet Airways’ unilateral changes to its loyalty program scoring a self-goal and even Blackberry’s horrible pricing strategy in India. In fact in the middle of the book I realized that the book provided the framework to evaluate companies so that they fit with our investment philosophy. […]

  2. Saying ‘No’ is actually very tough call. Glad you were able to stand ground.

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