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Delighting the Customer – the Taj way!

I usually do not write my blogs before 6-7 pm but the events of my breakfast wont allow me to keep my thoughts within my head.

The last time I was in Bangalore I was put up at the Taj Gateway Hotel on Residency Road. The stay was pleasant except for a couple of issues and unlike my nature I took the time to fill out the feedback form that was emailed after my stay was done. My apprehensions with these feedback forms is evident in my long held belief that these feedback forms are directed to the trash folder or to a person who has no power to effect a change… but my belief took a paradigm shift today thanks to, Executive Chef Naren Thimmaiah.  
In my feedback form I had complained about the hotel using a brand of ice-cream that had everything but milk in it. The ice-cream had an atrocious after taste and it isn’t good for health as its made with everything but pure milk. I complained about that and completely forgot about it.  
Last night I checked in again at the Gateway and as I sat for breakfast this morning, Chef Thimmaiah approached me at my table addressing me directly, as if we knew each other! He proceeded to explain that my suggestions from my previous stay were taken very seriously by the hotel and that they had decided to change the vendor for the ice-cream!  
Chef Thimmaiah profusely thanked me for taking the time out of my day to register my discomfort with the food item and that he will be happy to serve me the fresh brands of ice-cream available at the hotel at my convenience.
Think about that… a company the size of Taj Hotels took the time to read a feedback form filled out by an insignificant customer like me! Infact the entire staff was aware about the feedback form and I was asked on multiple occasions throughout my breakfast if I was comfortable or needed anything else.
It is a lesson for all entrepreneurs that no matter how big or small you are a focus on developing and delivering a customer experience is paramount to the repeatability of business from that customer. When the customer is delighted by the service offered he/she will recommend it to 10 others or write a blog post and post it all their social media forums – like me.

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