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In the past couple of days I’ve met a number of Venture Capitalists, Limited Partners and Hedge Fund who claim to be “global” investors but then quickly state that they don’t have a mandate to invest in India! 
To leave out a country with a 5,000+ history, the 3rd largest economy, 2nd largest population and the fastest growing economy on the globe from their “global” plans is an act of high level stupidity. Don’t call yourself a global investor when you cannot invest in 20% of it!
How can these people be considered serious money managers and miss out the greatest wealth making opportunity in recent history? 
The common excuse from money managers to ignore India is that it’s difficult to understand how to business here… really??? These same ultra cautious managers willingly invest in economies with manipulated currencies, saddled with with debts that aren’t going to be repaid. All of this in an environment of dissent that cannot be shown and without any control whatsoever – legally or politically! 
But guess what “smart money managers”… us unimportant Indians have found the money from our own citizens and the large India diaspora to fuel our own growth.. so continue calling yourself global without a presence in India.
You’re not fooling anyone but yourself and your investors.

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