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Do you know that in the 26-year period between 1988 and 2014, the weight of an average American male increased by 15 pounds, while his average height remained the same?
Did you know that India’s consumption of sugar increased from 5% to 13% of all the sugar produced in the world? – much faster than the global average.
Do you know that many types of white sugar are processed with bone char, thereby making them non-vegetarian?
Neither did I, until I read Abel James’ wildly popular book, The Wild Diet. The book talks about how over the years our diets have morphed from natural foods to processed, factory-manufactured foods that contain many harmful chemical compounds and the negative impact that it has on our body.
I find Abel’s advice to be prudent and sensible. He advises me to consume any food that my body wants, but to focus on the quality vs the quantity of that food. There is no advice to count calories, work out for hours, consume weird & tasteless foods or potions, eat 6-10 meals a day, etc. Instead, Abel simply urges me to listen to my body and provide it with adequate nourishment, ample rest and just enough exercise to break a sweat.
Abel shared his own struggles about gaining weight despite being an active person that ran marathons and ate lots of fat-free and sugar-free stuff. His own investigation into the food that he was consuming led to the realization that industrial food processing was the leading cause of his troubles. Once he began to eat the RAW (recently alive and well ingredients) version of the things he liked, the excess fat dropped off just like that! This book breaks down the process of how and why that happened.
The book is written in simple language and from Abel’s point of view, which makes it easy to follow. It took me less than 4 hours of uninterrupted reading time to finish the book. The simple recipes to make amazing & filling smoothies, soups, entrees, cookies and cakes (yes you read that right) were especially helpful. The only thing that I am being asked to do is remove the refined and processed foods from my diet.

I tried my hand at making a smoothie and a soup yesterday. Not only was it easy it but bloody delicious and filling. This successful trial motivated me to take up the 40-day challenge (in the book) to lose 20 pounds! After reading this book, I believe that one of my year end goals will be finished earlier than planned! ?

Here is the link for Abel’s book on Amazon
Here is the link for his podcast on iTunes
Here is a link to the app that provides recipes for his diet
Lastly, I want to leave you with this video of Kurt Morgan who lost 87 pounds on the “My Diet is Better Than Yours” show by following Abel’s advice. This one is pure gold!


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