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We are 6 to 15 months away from getting our forefinger inked for having voted for a new Member of Parliament, which will then decide the India’s next Prime Minister. Therefore, there is no better time than now to initiate the debate of what our issues are, the issues of the Lok Sabha and what kind of candidate we need to represent us. There many debates that have defended or destroyed the current government’s handling of our country, its economy and social fabric. However, these polarised debates have not helped in drawing up a resolution, which can be attributed to the style of debating where people are yelling like barbarians at the top of their lungs and embarrassing themselves in front of the entire nation.
I found a fresh new style of questioning and debating in the YouTube video below wherein Kunal Kamra engaged the BJP Youth Wing Vice President, Madhukeshwar Desai in a debate about what he as stands for, what his party stands for and most importantly what they both do not stand for. As a fan of stand-up comedy and Kunal Kamra I found that this video had the perfect balance with a little bit of everything i.e. comedy, diplomacy, maturity, uncomfortable questions and some leg pulling.
I want to engage in a debate to take our country forward and this is how I would love to do it.


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