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On Jan 15th, 2018 I wrote a post about a documentary, Martyrs of Marriage. It highlights the plight of men and women who have been victimised by the Dowry Act & Domestic Violence Act. These are outdated, draconic laws that have become the poster for injustice meted out under the false pretence of protecting women.
It took an immense amount of courage for Deepika (The director and producer of Martyrs in Marriage) to stand up for the victims that don’t have NGO’s backing them and organize candlelight peaceful protests for them to be able to fight for their rights. As an early backer of this effort, it gives me great pleasure and pride to announce that the Martyrs of Marriage documentary is now available on Netflix! You can watch it on this link, and I suggest you don’t miss out!
I met Deepika a couple of weeks after my post about her documentary and I could see the fire in her eyes about a new project. It didn’t really matter to me what the project was, but I knew I wanted in on it. We also brainstormed and are considering starting an NGO to stand up for the rights of men & women who are victimised by these laws and long past their trial dates. More about this initiative soon, but until then do see & share Martyrs of Marriage.

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