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My mom sent me the link to this video last night which just happens to flow perfectly with my post on the “importance of ethics in successful start-ups”. These global fast food giants in India are selling junk and chemical compositions in the name of food. While it which may bring them lots of profits, it will lead to long-term health issues for their customers. Most importantly, they smash the trust that their customers have in them to deliver a quality product at par with what they serve abroad. However, as you will see in this video, these giants have failed and failed terribly at that. This is a net negative to society at large.

Industrial food production has taken a terrible turn and the entire industry has become a cesspool of false advertising that promotes harmful food under the pretence that it is nutritious. What is meant to be high-quality food made under international standards is terrible food at throwaway prices that will cause debilitating health issues for its consumers.
So, the next time you find yourself (or even more importantly your children) craving a fast food fix, show them this video, especially the part where the cheese in a cheesy pizza is nothing but emulsified mayonnaise with ZERO cheese. Is this fast food or chemicals acting as food?


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