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In between the functions of a wedding that I am attending, I managed to see Downsizing, starring Matt Damon. This movie has a stellar cast including Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau and Matt Damon, of course. The movie also has cameos from Neil Patrick Harris, James Van Der Beek, Laura Dern and many critics named it the best movie of 2017. Despite all this, it spectacularly bombed at the box office, failing to return even just the movie production cost of $68 million.
The interesting subjection with an ironic undertone made the movie interesting. Its basic premise was that a new invention, made with the intention of saving the world, fell into the wrong hands and ended up getting commercialized. The invention spurred an industry, creating havoc in the lives of some, but injecting a new lease of happiness into the lives of others. How the different characters encounter each other and ultimately make peace with their lives by finding happiness within, is the main message the movie tries to promote.
Downsizing could have been a much better watch with a tighter story and better editing but the countless number of subplots, abundance of characters and an attempt to weave in an unlikely love story blurred the main message.
It is still a movie worth watching for the subject matter it attempts to explore and in many ways does… You can watch it through the following websites


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