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I was walking back from my shower area in my dorm at Austin College and someone had their door ajar and the TV was tuned onto CNN. As I passed by the room I saw that it was packed with almost everyone on my dorm room floor crammed in. I peered inside inquisitively and saw everyone’s eyes transfixed on the screen where one of the World Trade Centre was bellowing out smoke from its upper floors. I remember some indistinct chatter as to the cause of the fire. Then on live TV, right in front of our eyes, flight 175 went into Tower Two. There was a collective gasp as the world seemed to have come to a standstill and it would never be the same again.
I felt that 17 years would have dulled my memory of ‘that’ moment, but it was so vivid that I felt the same cold shiver down my spine today, as I had then. If my scar of that moment is so fresh I cannot fathom what the families of those 2,977 souls that were taken away by a senseless act of terror would be going through today. My thoughts are with them.

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