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several other things that intrigue me!

Yesterday, Aditya Ghadge sent me a link to a recording of the panel I had participated on with Siddharth Ladsariya, Abhijeet Pai, Aniket Bharadia and Sandeep Jethwani (he played moderator) on Inside Perspectives from the Next Generation Business Leaders at the AIWMI’s Family Office 2018 Summit. I thoroughly enjoyed this interaction because each panelist came from a different vantage point. Sandeep investigated each person’s viewpoint deeply as is expected from the Head of IIFL’s Wealth Advisory Group. I really enjoyed this view and I hope you do too!    

Since I missed out on the video of the week last Saturday I am also sharing the interview of Atul Nishar that took place right before the panel above. It was an awesome opportunity for me to hear a successful entrepreneur like Mr Nishar candidly take me through his journey, the ups and downs, the exits and how the entrepreneur in him is kept alive by backing start-ups. This interaction is pure gold!  


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