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You might win some, you might lose some. But you go in, you challenge yourself, you become a better man, a better individual, a better fighter. -Conor McGregor

In December, I threw the LenDenClub team a challenge to reach a number that far exceeded their own estimates and capabilities. The prize would be an all expenses paid party hosted by yours truly, something that Yash called “an expansive gift”.

The experience (if LenDen achieved it) was surely going to burn a hole in my pocket, but I fondly remember the times when I was apart of a core group of 25-30 door to door sales-people, that were both, talented and committed. However, we went from good to awesome when we were thrown a challenge, especially when the reward was a party sponsored by our boss! Under the pressure to perform, all 25-30 members would come up with superlative performances that the members of that team reminisce about when we meet.

So, I set a target for that would be possible to achieve only if everyone on the team performed to their fullest potential i.e. 2,000 loans to be disbursed into the borrower’s banks accounts by midnight of December 31st, 2018. The previous best had been just over 1500 so this was asking them to grow 30+% in a month, which is much more challenging than it sounds because achieving this target required multiple teams to work in perfect coordination

The underwriting team had to ensure all the borrowers were credit checked, qualified and approved. The operations team had to match the lenders to the borrowers and ensure that the loans were of an accurate amount of each was disbursed from the investors’ accounts into the borrowers’ bank accounts by midnight which meant that the banks too had to operate at peak efficiency, during the holidays. There are no prizes to guess how difficult that can be.

While this was being handled, the investor relations team had to keep the investors engaged on the platform and ensure that there was enough money in the investor accounts to fund the loans. The tech team had to keep all systems up and running and ensure the minutest of transactions were correctly recorded. The 48-person LenDen team had to collectively deliver their best and if even one person faltered, the target was going to be missed.

I knew that Bhavin & Dipesh would get close but what they did was stupendous!

The team smashed past their number delivering a mammoth 2,107 loans disbursed by the end of December! Some of the numbers they achieved on the way were nothing short of sensational for the stage that Indian P2P lending industry is in today.

While the graphs made by Karishma capture the LenDenClub’s amazing growth … let me put it into perspective that it took 43,119 mapping transactions between lenders and borrowers to achieve 2107 funded loans i.e. 1 transaction every minute in December.

Congratulations to Bhavin & Dipesh on capturing Peak 2k which is a stepping stone on the way to Mount 200k!!!


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