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Utilizing this digital window to share my understanding of the funder and founder relationships and….
several other things that intrigue me!

Several people have written to me asking how I find the time to write my daily blog post, a few even speculated that I have a copywriter who writes these posts for me. One person went so far as to ask for my copywriter’s phone number but to their dismay, I had to admit that I write my own blog posts.

I usually write my blog early in the morning when there is little to no disturbance and I can easily replay the previous day in my mind. Thankfully, I have a photographic memory so I can always find a single event or point from my previous day that I want to elaborate on or find a different perspective on, and I then take 30 mins to write about that topic without the pressure of making sense. During my daily writing-roll for 60 days in 2018, I would write a post in as little as 15 mins.

Once the first draft is scribbled, I re-read it and make edits before sending it out to Karishma & Nikita who are co-editors for my blog. While neither have been entrepreneurs yet, Karishma comes from a finance background while Nikita doesn’t. This sparks a great balance of debate/ learning and queries during our editing process. Oftentimes, after reading my post, they ask questions about certain theories, terms and viewpoints to ensure that the blog caters to both founders and investors alike and even a general reader from a completely different field. This discussion helps both, Nikita and Karishma, to understand my thought process better (and faster) than anyone else in the team, which subsequently helps make them better at their roles in the organisation.

Once they have edited the blog (usually takes about 30 mins) I sit with them for 15-20 mins to read and discuss their edits. We collectively choose an appropriate picture for the post and then post it from my WordPress account. The entire exercise takes about 90 mins out of my day, and even less when I get into the habit of doing it every day.

And to those who asked WHY I write a daily blog?

Let’s leave it for another day…


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