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I am enamoured by video content, so I have decided to restart the “Video of the Week” section which highlights the video that made the most impact on me in that week.

This video was uploaded by Y Combinator on the 9th of January, but it popped up yesterday in my twitter feed.

There is a lot to learn from this video for budding entrepreneurs that are at various points in their entrepreneurial journey. Khosla’s observation that a venture’s journey is not linear but zig & zag and his analogy comparing it to climbing Mount Everest was very impactful.

Another important point was at the end when Khosla says, the investor is like an “employee that you cannot fire” therefore founders should choose their investors wisely.

The point that was most hard-hitting, however, was when he talked about whether the entrepreneur is building a “zero-million” or a “zero-billion” dollar company and the clearly visible difference in each one’s approach towards building their venture.


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