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Yesterday I was in Lucknow attending SIDBI’s first Investor Day in honor of their foundation’s 29th anniversary. Over 40 fund managers were present, representing thousands of crores in capital available for investment. Considering the dry powder that was going to be available in the room, the SIDBI team sourced 20 start-ups to pitch to the captive audience. The standard of the start-ups, the quality of their pitches, the professionalism and punctuality with which the event was carried out was truly unique. I have congratulated the SIDBI team privately for executing such a well-organized event but would also like to do so once again publicly through my loudspeaker (read: blog).

After the event, a few of us (fund managers) got together to catch up over drinks and hunt for Lucknowi kebabs. Since we rarely get the time or occasion to meet outside events, we took this opportunity to share several things with each other, from the books we were reading to the morning routines we were following. One of the heavily discussed topics was the podcasts that each one of us was listening to. The list includes; Joe Rogan Experience, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History amongst others.

By the time I got back to my room, it was midnight. I had a full stomach and my mind had been stretched in many new directions. All in all, it had been a day well invested!

This morning on my flight back to Mumbai I replayed last night’s conversations about the podcasts that my fellow fund managers were listening to. It got me thinking whether I should move my own blog to a podcast – or have it co-exist with the writing?

There are few (if hardly any) podcasts that capture the perspective of an early stage VC in India. I was wondering if it would be more convenient for the 9,000+ followers of showmedamani.com to hear my podcast instead of reading my blog. The biggest benefit for me (and my team) would be that, it will be easier to project my dry sense of humour (accurately) through voice modulation over prose. So, my question is…


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