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Episode II – Jasmeet Thind, Cofounder of Coutloot

Coutloot is a local language social commerce offline to online (O2O) platform which lets anyone sell online across the country directly to buyers who can simply bargain and shop online from the sellers.

Jasmeet Thind came up with the idea when he realized he didn’t have any room left in his closet for his new clothes, which he didn’t use but didn’t want to throw away either. His larger-than-life personality is always a breath of fresh air, as you’ll find out in this talk.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is¬†CoutLoot? How does it¬†empower small sellers from its platform?¬†What was the original business plan for¬†Coutloot? Why¬†did they decide to pivot?¬†When¬†is it¬†essential¬†to pivot a business model? How does one pivot¬†a¬†fast-growing¬†startup?¬†How COVID-19 impacted¬†Coutloot’s¬†operations, and what are they doing to adapt to the pandemic?
  • ¬†How did¬†Jasmeet’s¬†Unilever¬†experience¬†help¬†him in his founder journey? What is his recommendation for college graduates who want to get started with entrepreneurship right away?¬†¬†
  • Jasmeet’s experience¬†pitching to his first set of investors.¬†How did he stand out from the crowd?¬†How does¬†Jasmeet handle rejection from investors?¬†¬†What was his reason behind rejecting some investors?¬†
  • What did Jasmeet take from each set of investors that helped him build¬†Coutloot¬†to where it is today?¬†How did he use that set of advice in his business? What¬†is his advice to funders¬†about fundraising?¬†¬†
  • What is Jasmeet’s advice for founders and budding professionals?¬†Where does Jasmeet see¬†Coutloot¬†in the next 5 years?¬†¬†
  • What was his experience raising money from Chinese VCs? How do they differ in their thoughts and¬†approaches¬†from other VCs?¬†What is his takeaway from the Chinese¬†startup¬†culture?¬†

Jasmeet’s Book Recommendation:¬†

Jugaad Innovation by Navi Radjou 

Watch the episode:

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