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Episode V – Ashutosh Valani, Co-founder of Beardo

Beardo is a retailer of men’s grooming products. Offers products such as beard oil & growth oil, beard wax, face wash, beard combs, soaps, lotions, and others through its platform. 

Ashutosh is the founder of Beardo, which Marico Limited just acquired! He started his journey with Beardo in 2015 with co-founder Priyank Shah.   

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How was the idea of Beardo conceptualized? When did Ashutosh know it was the right time to start a men’s grooming brand like Beardo? How did he produce the strategy behind his business model? What were the reasons behind Beardo not having an offline presence?   
  • Where did Ashutosh meet his co-founder, Priyank? How did he overcome the multiple challenges that came up while building Beardo? What was Ashutosh’s journey like growing Beardo 40x until its acquisition? What was it like to negotiate a deal with Marico? How did he communicate the acquisition back to his investors?  
  • Why did Ashutosh decide to continue his business from the city of Ahmedabad? What are his thoughts on the start-up ecosystem there?  
  •  How did Beardo manage to create the result it did with the least amount of money? How did he maintain positive unit economics and keep their burn-rate low? How did he ensure that the business would last for 12-18 months even with 0 sales?   
  • Why did Ashutosh decide to invest in start-ups? What niche is he looking to invest in? What is Ashutosh’s advice for founder and budding entrepreneurs? 

Ashutosh’s Watch Recommendation: 
World War II Documentaries – Valkarie 

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