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Sponsorship Sunday: High-quality masks for Mumbai Police

Sponsorship Sunday is a series where I look for innovative Indian crowdfunding projects. I commit ₹10,000 to each campaign that inspires me and could be something I’d do anyway. I refer to Wishberry, Ketto, FuelADream, and Milaap to look for projects to back. If you have a crowdfunding project that you would like me back, DM me on Twitter.

I wrote my first Sponsorship Sunday blog in April, backing Savety – The Instant Smart Water Tap. Shortly after, as I realized the real impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian crowdfunding platforms stepped up and only accepted relief-focussed campaigns. While this initiative was a welcome one, born out of necessity, I had a tough time finding innovative projects to back.

Now when things are picking up, there are live projects/upcoming campaigns that show promise. While browsing through the projects on FuelADream, I found a campaign hosted by the children of Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai. The children want to provide high-quality face masks for the Mumbai Police.

As a (valuable) part of society, Mumbai Police has (so far) recorded over 18,000 COVID cases, with 75 families losing their loved ones to the virus. They are still attending ‘work’ and risking their safety to keep the operations of the metropolis running smoothly, and we should do what we can to protect the ones protecting us.

Therefore, the first campaign I back on Sponsorship Sunday is by Athina Premji, a 6th Grader from JNIS, Mumbai, to provide high-quality masks to Mumbai Police. I have contributed to this project.

Is there a better way to restart the series than by backing a kid raising money to protect the people who are protecting us!

Click here to view Athina’s campaign

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