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The butterfly effect of 1.0 GPA

Our brain plays fantastic tricks with our memories. Events in our history that seemed earth-shattering at the time get forgotten or completely distorted. While one might think of an event as a curse, but years later, when one thinks about it, the curse may have turned out to be a blessing!

However, we rarely get the time to jog our memories to find links that started from a challenging event and find links to how it got us to where we are today. Then an event like TEDxKCCollege forces one to take a relook at their lives. It reopens a long-forgotten wound only to realize that the intense pain was temporary, but it got me to where I am today.

For me, that event was a bombing my freshman year at Austin College. It was also when I realized that I was in the wrong field of study. I loved technology, but I was a terrible techie on the days that I was doing my best programming work. The commotion around my terrible academic performance may have buried my memory of holding a 1.0 GPA transcript someplace deep in folds of the brain.

But thanks to the persistent students of KC College that got assigned to record my talk, I could not only vividly recollected this event – I can proudly wear my 1.0 GPA transcript as a badge of honor.

  • March 18, 2021

    Story of Resilience 🙂

  • Rahul Nehra
    March 18, 2021

    Very Profound