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How to score a gig, a job, or an internship

There was a time when a degree from a top college guaranteed a prosperous life. But, because the knowledge taught within those walls got confined to those that researched it and taught it, it was unavailable to those unworthy of getting into the prestigious colleges. The broad penetration of the internet changed that all.  

Now we live in a world where institutionally taught knowledge gets outdated within 2 years of getting disbursed. The institutional learning ecosystem pigeonholes the individual into a rat race for a big paycheck demolishing their creativity. Therefore many top companies like Google and Apple want to hire kids without college degrees.  

While it is heartening to see top firms look at talent without the lens of college degree heavy resumes, it also muddies the water a significant bit. Because choosing someone without the support of a top college degree becomes difficult, how should you stand out from a faceless crowd?  

The answer: showcase your execution

Last week a young Avkash Shah scored an internship with an Indian unicorn, Cred, by getting a direct recommendation from Founder and CEO Kunal Shah. Here is what he posted:  

The post got the attention of Cred’s Head of Design, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, who replied.   

I believe this is a brilliant way to score an internship, gig, or job application. Instead of doing it the old way by sending in resumes like the 100s before you (or after you) will. Create something, show your target recruiter your potential through your work, and let the network (read: universe) take it over from there.  

Thank you for lighting the path, Avkash! 

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