The Good Cop

I will guide and teach you the way in which you can grow your vision into a profitable business.

The Bad Cop

I won’t hesitate to call you out on all the things you’re doing wrong or need to improve, but I won’t just call you out on it, I will also provide a suitable solution.

Who I Really am!

An entrepreneur, an investor, a bully brother to crazy siblings (yes I said that), a difficult son, the crazy uncle, a dreamer, startup evangelist, an FSG (you know if you know), a tough love leader and an honest friend. These are some of the many roles I play during my day.

I’m the guy who will tell you like it is… no sugar coating, no filter and no care for hierarchy. I use my blog to point fingers at everyone including the man in my mirror without a care for the retributions it comes with. It’s my voice and I will say what I want to.

My views are my own and may not be endorsed by my firms.

My Past

I completed my primary education from junior kg through 12th grade at Cathedral and John Connon school, here in Mumbai. After that, I made my way across the pond to the states to pursue a double Major in Business Administration & Economics at Austin College in Texas.

My career began as a door to door salesman and as you can imagine, I worked my ass off and my way up. At the end of 2009, at the height of the "great recession" two buddies and I took over and restructured our near-bankrupt employer and turn it around to profitability.

In 2013, I left Texas to return to my home base in Mumbai, India. I set up the Artha Group of Companies that focused on energy consulting and early stage investments. With a keen eye, a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, I was able to find gems like OYO Rooms, Exotel, Nowfloats, Tala etc. to invest in, who provided exuberant returns and a template for "starting-up" in India.

The years of entrepreneurship & investment experience culminated in an early stage institutional fund - Artha Ventures Fund-I (Rs. 200Cr), that is being sponsored by Artha India Ventures and Singularity Holdings. The objective for me is to make AVF the fulcrum for early-stage investing in India, which is why I have left all my other professional engagements to focus on it!