Setting Outcomes for 2020

On our last working day of the decade, i.e., the 27th of December 2019, I asked the Artha team to congregate in our conference room. At 5 pm, 24 Artha team members stuffed themselves into a space built for 8, and another 6 joined in from Ahmedabad on Zoom. First, I enquired how many attendees […]

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Let’s talk about entrepreneurial stress

It has been fourteen days since VG Siddhartha took his life. In that time, the entrepreneurial ecosystem has heard arguments from several vantage points to understand the cause of the stress that led to his untimely demise. It is stomach-churning and thought-provoking stuff. Various arguments attempted to place the cause of VG’s entrepreneurial distress onto […]

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How I Write My Daily Blog

Several people have written to me asking how I find the time to write my daily blog post, a few even speculated that I have a copywriter who writes these posts for me. One person went so far as to ask for my copywriter’s phone number but to their dismay, I had to admit that […]

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How Would You Deal with Superstardom?

For today’s post, I had decided to write a book review. But while browsing through, I came across a brilliant piece of journalism on Virat Kohli, undoubtedly the most famous man in India. The journalist, Wright Thompson followed Kohli for a day and wrote about how Kohli dealt with his superstardom daily. He brought […]

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