Funding Friday – India’s Sons

Rape, whether done upon a woman or man, is a heinous crime. There is no doubt that the perpetrators of this ghastly act deserve the wrath of the legal, social, and economic systems. In the same spirit, falsely accusing another individual of a ghastly act such as rape is a crime that is as appalling, […]

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Martyrs of Marriage – Netflix

On Jan 15th, 2018 I wrote a post about a documentary, Martyrs of Marriage. It highlights the plight of men and women who have been victimised by the Dowry Act & Domestic Violence Act. These are outdated, draconic laws that have become the poster for injustice meted out under the false pretence of protecting women. […]

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How I became ShowMeDamani

Many people love my Twitter handle and Blog name, ShowMeDamani. They usually always ask, how it came about. For starters, it was inspired by this iconic scene from one of my favorite movies This is the detailed backstory to how my nickname became my nickname: I started my career as a D2D salesman in Texas, […]

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Martyrs of Marriage

  “Any young man, who makes dowry a condition to marriage, discredits his education and his country and dishonours womanhood.” – Mahatma Gandhi The practice of dowry is a serious blotch on the rich cultural traditions in India. With one dowry related death every hour, it is alongside practices like sati and untouchability; heinous crimes […]

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