Are entrepreneurs high performance athletes?

While I was in London last week, I was lucky enough to have fish and chips with Dr Marcel Muenster of The Gritti Fund. Marcel has had a unique career path of becoming a fund manager, he studied medicine in Germany, did a Masters from John Hopkins and was an entrepreneur before taking the plunge […]

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Scheduling a Weekly Visit to Menlo Park

I have inculcated a new habit of listening to podcasts during my morning routine replacing my old one of playing loud music to get me charged up for the day.   Today I heard Robin Sharma’s podcast – The Secret of Massively Creative People and loved his suggestion to create a “Menlo Park” i.e. a place where one can disconnect from the world and give way for the creative side to express itself.   When I […]

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Hats off Manjit Singh!!!

Amid all the din surrounding the Wizard of Omaha’s endorsement of Paytm’s pole position in the Indian Paymentech space, an endorsement which must be the proudest moment for any entrepreneur, but the day belonged to another Indian. This is the story of an Indian runner who has (reportedly) never won a gold in any national […]

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That 1 Skill that Separates a Good CEO from a Great One

Being able to consistently predict and deliver accurate future outcomes is a skill that separates a good CEO from a great one. And no, I am not referring to the god-like ability of Steve Jobs to predict how products like the personal computer, iPod, iPad and of course the iPhone would completely revolutionize the computing world, because you only come across those type of CEOs once in a lifetime. To expect that kind of ability from every CEO […]

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