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Utilizing this digital window to share my understanding of the funder and founder relationships and….
several other things that intrigue me!

A common observation made by fund managers, limited partners, and (interestingly) journalists on the 2 year-long startup boom is the speed of some of these deal closures – primarily by skimping (or skipping) due diligence on deals before investing. I regularly get advice from well-wishers within and outside our offices to reduce the due

Behind every successful fundraise is a strong narrative.   That is the honest answer to a question that investors repeatedly ask when they get bewildered by sky-high valuation and moonshot venture ideas. However, the founder’s ability to weave a strong narrative about their venture elevates its valuation from being based on its fundamental value to being based on the future potential.   I’ve always promoted fundraising as a sales activity versus a financial activity because the result that

I believe that founders are super-humans.   Founders take an incredible financial, emotional, mental, and (unfortunately) health risk to create the change that they want to see in the world. They must display a great belief in the incredible while consistently staring at the inevitable. They must wear so many faces that they may not even remember what the original face looked like.   Founders, big or small, have an incredible amount of power, disrupting

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