Funding Friday – Team Vaayushastra

A group of students from  Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering formed Team Vaayushastra in 2012 to compete in SAE Aero Design East competitions. The students have competed well against teams from Georgia Tech, Michigan Ann-Arbor and Concordia to name a few and ranked 5th in the competition in 2017.
SAE Aero Design East competitions provide undergraduate and graduate engineering students the opportunity to work on real-life problems. Here is how the SAE website describes the competition:
First and foremost, a design competition, students will find themselves performing trade studies and making compromises to arrive at a design solution that will optimally meet the mission requirements while still conforming to the configuration limitations.
I love initiatives that encourage youngsters to innovate and take risks. I am contributing towards this project through Ketto.
Here are video highlights from the 2018 SAE Aero Design East competition:

Dropping Out Of The Rat Race…

A picture that says so much about our highly competitive society.
The rat race is well and truly on in all facets of our society. In my opinion the Indian society has a unique relationship with standing in line, the need to be first and to get something (even if it’s a glimpse of a deity) before the other guy.
This culture most probably finds it’s roots in the times when India was a extremely poor country with limited jobs, food and opportunities. However this behaviour should have subsided as the country grew economically at an increasing pace therefore opportunities multiplied and scarcity was reduced. This transition would support logic and reason.
On the contrary the rat race is getting worse today. The competition begins from admissions for you newborn into a decent preschool to getting a decent job, from getting a decent house to getting on a local train.
Infact we as a people have a weird relationship with standing in a queue to get something (have you seen the queue to get on a plane – even though everyone has a confirmed seat!)
However will this culture continue? Can a growing nation and the plethora of prospects that come with growth provide us the security to happily give up our scarcity mindset and grow ourselves as a people…as a society.. as a nation.