The art of how much to raise

In the past several weeks, I have been astonished at the size of seed rounds that founders expect to raise in their first round. My jaw hits the table when a founder blindsides me with requests to raise seed rounds of $1 million to as high as $3-4 million!* These are the start-ups that have […]

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The Investment Banker Pandemic

Time and again, I have warned early-stage founders to steer clear of using the services of a banker to help raise money but unfortunately, that pandemic has overrun our ecosystem. Many bankers have made a comfortable lifestyle out of fleecing unsuspecting founders. The false dream that these 1-star bankers promise founders make my skin crawl, […]

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KISS for Your Customer

Firstly, I want to thank all the people that have taken the time to reach out with words of encouragement for Artha Venture Fund – I. I have been trying my best to reply to each person individually but if I have missed you out, please do know that your encouragement means a lot to […]

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How much is too much

There is a growing set of investors who believe that their investment has bought them the right to turn the founder into a general manager and the business is now their personal fiefdom where they will apply any tactic they wish to choose without any real strategy behind those tactics. This is possible only because […]

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To Banker or Not To Banker

There is a worrying trend that is growing in my email & linkedIn inbox i.e. the rise of “boutique” investment bankers representing startups that are raising their first round of investment capital. What use does a banker serve at seed stage? I am not against the idea of hiring investment bankers to facilitate transactions (Artha […]

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