Rewriting the India Investment Narrative

Over the last 3 weeks, I attended 3 family office conferences, where I was one of the very few Indian (India-based) family offices/venture capitalists representing our nation.

At these events, I noticed that many global investors are keen on investing money in India, but sceptical from having burnt their fingers the last time around.  Some of the reasons (verbatim or paraphrased) for their scepticism include:

  1. Investment managers who deviated from the investment idea that was originally pitched and subsequently lost money
  2. The complicated and tedious procedure to get money out of India for winning investments
  3. Overzealous tax authorities that terrorized investors
  4. A lack of strong legal recourse to bring Investee companies who siphon off money and fraudsters to task
  5. India being a tough place to do business and an even tougher one to make money

Although I agree that India is one of the toughest places to do business, I can proudly say that over the last 5 years the government has made significant structural reforms to make it easier to do business, invest, realize returns, curtail the proliferation of black economy and most importantly, bring economic offenders to task.

While these messages are clear to those who continue to maintain a presence in India despite the hardship of previous decades, they have not been effectively communicated (or if at all) to the investors that are generously pouring money into China and other competing nations purely based on hygiene factors.

So, I continue to make my impassioned pitch about how there might never be a better time than today to invest in India- the largest democracy and fastest growing economy in the world. Despite all its hardships, India has independent institutions, a robust banking ecosystem, a free-floating currency, and an equity market that has delivered 600% returns since January 2000 (Shanghai has returned 44%). Bottom line being: India cannot be ignored.


Video of the Week: AIWMI Family Summit 2018

Yesterday, Aditya Ghadge sent me a link to a recording of the panel I had participated on with Siddharth Ladsariya, Abhijeet Pai, Aniket Bharadia and Sandeep Jethwani (he played moderator) on Inside Perspectives from the Next Generation Business Leaders at the AIWMI’s Family Office 2018 Summit. I thoroughly enjoyed this interaction because each panelist came from a different vantage point. Sandeep investigated each person’s viewpoint deeply as is expected from the Head of IIFL’s Wealth Advisory Group. I really enjoyed this view and I hope you do too!    

Since I missed out on the video of the week last Saturday I am also sharing the interview of Atul Nishar that took place right before the panel above. It was an awesome opportunity for me to hear a successful entrepreneur like Mr Nishar candidly take me through his journey, the ups and downs, the exits and how the entrepreneur in him is kept alive by backing start-ups. This interaction is pure gold!  


Meet me at VC101 in Mumbai!

VC101 started in Sydney with a mission to encourage investors to invest in start-ups. To achieve their goal, they bring together experienced & successful VC investors to share their lessons with people that are, in their own words, “…curious about investing in start-ups, breaking into Venture Capital or interested in gaining perspective on how the VC biz actually works
I am honoured to be invited to be on a panel for their Mumbai roadshow with Vikram Gupta of IvyCap, Paula Mariwala of SeedFund and Reema Subramaniam at WeWork BKC. The event will be on the 8th of August 2018 from 5 pm onwards.
Since this event doesn’t cost anything (except your time), I strongly encourage everyone to attend… Simply click on this link to RSVP! I will keep you updated on the event and look forward to seeing you on the 8th!

The 24x7x30 Networking System

Today is the last day of the Rise 2018 conference. This year’s conference had over 15,000 attendees where I received and handed out over 200 business cards, just like I do at every other conference. However, every time I meet some great people at an event, I end up losing contact with them and it isn’t until the next time I bump into them that we speak again. Tired of consistently failing at my networking efforts, I was determined to figure out a system to keep in touch with the network I formed at Rise. My quest for a system was solved by Gaurav Singhvi, founder of the Financial Supermarket and an Executive Director of BNI Surat.  
Gaurav introduced me to a 24x7x30 system of networking that he learned from Dr Ivan Misner and Brennan Scanlon’s book Avoiding the Networking Disconnect. While I have not had a chance to read the book (it is available on KindleUnlimited for free) I did read Dr Misner’s post on and heard a podcast through which he explains this system. 
In a nutshell, Dr Misner advocates that one should reach out to a person that they have met at a networking event within 24 hours through email or a handwritten note. 7 days later, add them on the social media account that they use most frequently but without an intent of selling them anything. In the next 30 days, try to set up a meeting either in person, via Skype or a GoToMeeting and seek out how can one provide help in their business. This must be done with the intention of relationship-building and not market a product or service. In this way, the contact becomes a part of one’s network and the networking exercise can bear fruit.  
I believe that this system makes more sense than any random system (read: lack of system) that I utilize so I am going to apply it right away and measure my results. If you have utilized this system or know of an alternative, I’d love to hear about it!

A Sunday Treasure Hunt, for a Good Cause

I am the Vice-Chairman of Mumbai One Round Table 221 (M1RT221) which is part of Round Table India. One of the objectives for our table this year is to host an enjoyable philanthropic event that while contributing to a noble cause will provide an interactive and enjoyable Sunday afternoon with family and friends.
Our first such fun event for 2018 is the “Carwars: Treasure Hunt” that is taking place on March 11th, 2018 from 9 am to 12 noon at National Sports Club of India (NSCI). Participants will be given a set of clues to decipher, which will take them around Mumbai to parts of the city that they haven’t been to in a while or never before. The last time we hosted a similar treasure hunt in 2015, it was a resounding success. We have a ton of memorable pictures of participants posing as statues at Hanging Gardens or hidden signboards around Fort. I am sure that this year will be better than the last one J
The entire proceeds from this event will go to Reevive of Cancer Charity Trust. Reevive an organisation that helps financially challenged cancer patients to fight this horrible disease by giving them access to quality treatment. Their zero administration cost policy is what sets them apart. The organization supports patients from the Tata Memorial Hospital and the money that is donated to them gets directly deposited into the Hospital’s treatment account so that it can only be used towards the treatment costs and medicinal expenses of patients. This ensures that any money contacted to Reevive directly reaches the hands that need it the most.
This event will be a Sunday well spent with family & friends for a cause to help those in need.
Breakfast will be provided at the venue before you go off on your hunt so get there early! There will also be lunch after the hunt (so make sure you make it back!)
To register for this event click here:
If you would like to be a sponsor for this event or donate (because you’re an awesome person) email me by clicking here
This event is supported by the Young Volunteers Organisation.