Fluff Metrics

An interesting phenomenon has been noticed in startup presentations over the past few weeks. Founders have come up with innovative ways of showing large numbers that have nothing to do with what counts as revenues to the startup. Let me share a few examples with the explanations as provided. Gross Transactional Value: this the value […]

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Farming as a Service

At a personally & professionally challenging time in the 2nd quarter of 2016, I went out and stayed at Damodar Farms in Vapi for a short while. The serene setting of a farm, farm-fresh vegetables, raw milk and Mahatma Gandhi’s The Story of My Experiments with Truth allowed me to cleanse my soul and reset internally. […]

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Enterprise Building 101

This was one of those weeks that reminded me why I love my job so much. I am lucky to have access to some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in India (possibly the globe) working to build powerhouses that are revolutionizing traditional industries. Every day, I learn about problems that my business is facing and […]

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Giving my due on due diligence

Many founders, angel networks, brokers, co-investors and others who we interact with ask us why we take so much time doing our due diligence so here is my answer to that. Our due diligence processes are lengthy, arduous, irritating and most importantly slow – that is by design. Due diligence like the word itself says […]

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