A Letter to my Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, I wanted to write this open letter to you yesterday but couldn’t allow myself to logically put down in words the emotional, mental and physical hurt of the events of February 14th. As I got ready this morning, I silently cursed myself for not responsibly expressing my feelings. Just then, I heard […]

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My Angle on the Union Budget 2019

I would rate the budget presented by FM Piyush Goyal, a solid 4 out of 5. The budget managed to do the difficult dance between fiscal prudence and a sustainable, stable but progressive tax policy. More importantly, it provided security to two of the weakest links in India’s growth story i.e. the unorganised work force […]

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The Taxman cannot solve Angel Tax

It has only been a week since I wrote a post on the need to change the investment narrative in India and just 3 days after that, I received a slew of notices from the income tax department asking for ludicrous details on the investments made by Artha India Ventures. Furthermore, a couple of our […]

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Lets start this debate

We are 6 to 15 months away from getting our forefinger inked for having voted for a new Member of Parliament, which will then decide the India’s next Prime Minister. Therefore, there is no better time than now to initiate the debate of what our issues are, the issues of the Lok Sabha and what […]

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My Pre-Budget Wish List

As Finance Minister enters the parliament to present his 5th budget… These are the changes that I wish to see! Personal Taxes Reduction in number of slabs IT exemption limit increased to Rs 3,60,000 Top tax slab reduced to 25% Exemption for equity investment increased to Rs. 2,00,000 Penalty on Income Tax evaders increased Announce […]

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