Hats off Manjit Singh!!!

Amid all the din surrounding the Wizard of Omaha’s endorsement of Paytm’s pole position in the Indian Paymentech space, an endorsement which must be the proudest moment for any entrepreneur, but the day belonged to another Indian. This is the story of an Indian runner who has (reportedly) never won a gold in any national […]

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How Did You Die

Siri tells me that it took 1,347 days from my first blog post, Dropping Out Of The Rat Race… to my 100th blog post. Thereby, on an average taking 13.5 days to write each blog post. If I remove the 31 blog posts written in 66 days of this year, the average will shoot up […]

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The Funded Entrepreneurs Group

I just got back from my trip to Kolkata which was planned in order to introduce the founding team of an upcoming investment to Mr. Aditya Ladsaria of Chaibreak (an Artha investee) and Mr. Miftaur Rahman of Wow Momos (a fantastic venture that I deeply respect but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to invest in). […]

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Fluff Metrics

An interesting phenomenon has been noticed in startup presentations over the past few weeks. Founders have come up with innovative ways of showing large numbers that have nothing to do with what counts as revenues to the startup. Let me share a few examples with the explanations as provided. Gross Transactional Value: this the value […]

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How I became ShowMeDamani

Many people love my Twitter handle and Blog name, ShowMeDamani. They usually always ask, how it came about. For starters, it was inspired by this iconic scene from one of my favorite movies This is the detailed backstory to how my nickname became my nickname: I started my career as a D2D salesman in Texas, […]

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